Please email me with any question you may have Notes: I am also a adult baby boy. I have a fully equipped nursery with a cot, play mats, mobiles, changing unit, toys, and lots of adult baby clothes and accessories. Mommy Hannah Notes: Hello, I am very beautiful, loving Mommy Lilly. I am available to babysit any hour and I am available anywhere in the Los Angeles area and available to travel (added fee).

I prefer to care for little boys, however I am capable of caring for little girls as well. Also, if anyone has any adult baby furniture to donate please bring to my address.

I can provide any such care you would like provided (changing diapers, feeding, giving a bath, etc.). Notes: I am a very loving mummy who will fulfill all adult baby needs.

I am a premium Mommy and I do not offer my services without a fee. Since I came from out of state my transportation is limited.

I do not have supplies on hand so you will have to use your own.

Good luck on your search and finding the one your searching for. Rate: My phone services are geared around getting to know all my babies inside and out.

Not as clients but as friends with the hopes of meeting every one of my babies.

Phone Mommy Program: = One week with 7 phone calls for a 30 min max per call.

0 = One Month with 30 phone calls for a 30 min max per call.

My greatest desire is to have a little girl that I can spoil rotten.

Due to my lifestyle and daily schedule, I prefer to care for a female live-in AB, between the ages of 18 and 19. I have a spare room in my house with a single bed and several toys.

With mommy you get the real feeling of a mommy-baby relationship With a baby style room fitted with toys, crib and all that will make babies happy Notes: Mommy for female babies only.